Reframing Aquarius: How the cool and detached offer us our best chance at love

Camille Michelle Gray
7 min readFeb 14, 2022

Like Capricorn and Christmas, Aquarius and Valentine’s Day seem to be fundamentally at odds. Where the serious Saturn-ruled earth sign seems incongruous to merrymaking, so does the Saturn-ruled air sign seem an out-of-place home for one of the more romantic days of the year. If pop Astrology had its way, Aquarius would remain inextricably associated with stereotypes of distance and detachment. While those descriptors are certainly relevant, they are not the end of the story. You may find Taurus or Libra more fitting for Valentine’s Day, where the planet of love and romance is home. Or Pisces, where the planet of love and romance is exalted. Perhaps even Leo, where bouquets of red and pink balloons and Leo-ruled heart-shaped boxes of candy proudly boast and roar: love! But in removing the superficial layers that surround the misunderstood Aquarius, we can come to understand why Cupid’s foray through this cerebral sign is no accident, and rather points us towards a more fitting, yet shocking, conclusion: that the Aquarius love is deep and endless, that the Aquarian heart throbs with undiluted passion. If this shocks you, good. Aquarius enjoys a revolution. And so may this revolution set Aquarius free from misinformation, and set ablaze a new way of thinking.

Where Taurus makes love physical, Libra makes love artful and Pisces makes love dreamy — Aquarius makes love ideal. In any working definition of the word romance, “idealized love” makes a literal or alluded appearance. It can be said, then, that from Aquarius, the idea of love is born and celebrated. And from ideas, all things sprout. This isn’t altogether odd. Aquarius deals with intellect and logic. And ruled by Saturn, striving towards lasting standards of excellence and fairness, signposts of anything ideal, lines up with what we know about the archetype. So in enhancing love to its most ideal place, the Aquarius romance comes with a bigger heart and bigger mission. As a humanitarian sign, Aquarius is not particular about love — who deserves it, who is giving it, why it went away, when it’ll come, how it looks, etc. With the power of scope and objectivity, Aquarius love transcends physical limitations and instead becomes a universal concept under which all of humankind can shelter. And what could be more romantic, more loving, than the unrelenting acceptance Aquarius offers? And so where things aren’t sensual enough for Taurus, refined enough for Libra, or magical enough for Pisces — Aquarius asks no…