A Definitive List of the Relationships Between all 12 Houses: Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition

Camille Michelle Gray
19 min readJun 17, 2022

You know about the aspects between planets. Let’s dive into the natural “aspects” or relationships between the houses — how some areas of life are supportive of or flow with other areas of life. And how some areas of life pose challenges to developing other areas of life. This can be a great foundation when looking at any chart — to know how the houses interact with one another, how the signs color that interaction, and how the planets add their agenda to that interaction.

The Sextile; opportunity

1st house to 3rd house: The 1st house of identity and appearance is invigorated by the 3rd house of communication and familiarity. To communicate who you are. The way you see and perceive the world has an impact on who you are. Your early surroundings, schooling, and environments can shape who you are. Alternatively, the 3rd house is stimulated by the personality of the 1st. To have a unique voice and story to tell. The familiar faces in the 3rd house may be the first audience to whom we perform ourselves. Our appearance may be shaped by our surroundings (i.e., wearing what you see people at school wearing, or rebelling against it)

2nd house to 4th house: The 2nd house of material and immaterial security is supported by the 4th house of home, roots, foundation, and privacy. Acts of self-care may be performed in the sanctuary of home. Our relationship to value and material may be informed by the family we are born into. To feel rooted in the 4th house supports the growth of confidence in the 2nd house. Alternatively, the means we gain in the 2nd house may afford us home and privacy, or otherwise help us earn a sense of groundedness or belonging.

3rd house to 5th house: The 3rd house of communication and familiarity is supported by the 5th house of creativity, play and pleasure. All creative endeavors may start first with a unique point of view. Play and recreation can keep the mind fresh, and open to receive new information. We may first play in our immediate environments. The 5th house also supports the 3rd house by turning insight into expression. Children are very expressive and speak their mind freely.